From Who's Who #20. Art by Mike Grell.

Personal Data

Alter Ego: None
Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Skartaris
First Appearance: Warlord #32
Height: as woman 5'7" (170 cm), as cat 15" (38 cm)
Weight: as woman 118 lbs (53 kg), as cat 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Black


In the extradimensional realm of Skartaris, Travis Morgan, the adventurer known as the Warlord, was once captured by giants called the Titans. In battling the Titans, Morgan killed one of them, which left only five of their race alive. Their queen, Amarant, decreed that as punishment Morgan was to be killed.

In captivity Morgan met Shakira, a young woman Amarant kept as a slave. Shakira wanted Morgan to help her escape, and so Morgan killed two more Titans, but he and Shakira were captured. Amarant placed them in an arena to battle a savage woolly rhinoceros. Using her remarkable agility, Shakira defeated the beast. Amarant fell to her death, and Shakira and Morgan killed the remaining Titans. Afterward, the startled Morgan witnessed Shakira transform into a cat.

Shakira has been a frequent ally and companion of Morgan ever since, but she has not yet revealed her past to him.

During his recent travels Morgan met a young woman named Tamara, who greatly resembled Shakira. An orphan, Tamara became the ward of her uncle, an alchemist who abducted young women and tried to turn them into cats. She did not know how often he succeeded. Many of the women on whom her uncle experimented escaped when local townspeople, outraged at the kidnappings, burned his home. However, Tamara and her uncle escaped. He later experimented on her, with the result that Tamara became a weretigress. Her uncle claimed that repeated transformations would eventually cause the subject to change from being a tame feline into a savage man-killing beast. Finally, Tamara, transformed into a tigress, attacked her uncle. What happened to them is unknown.

When he returned to Shakira, Morgan noticed that she wore the same kind of spiked collar that Tamara and her uncle's other experimental subjects wore. Morgan wondered if Shakira and Tamara were somehow connected, and if Shakira would herself someday become a savage killer beast. Since then Shakira has met an old friend named Daimon, who also wears a spiked collar and can become a small black cat.

As yet the mystery of Shakira's origin remains unsolved. Morgan has even speculated that she might not be a woman who turns into a cat, but a cat who turns into a woman.

Powers & Weapons

Shakira can transform herself at will from a woman into a cat and back again, presumably by magic. She retains her human intellect in her cat form.

In human form Shakira has great cat-like agility. She is a superb athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, and highly skilled in the use of Skartarian weapons such as spears. eom

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