From Who's Who #23. Art by Mike Grell.

Personal Data

Alter Ego: None
Occupation: Queen of Shamballah
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Travis Morgan (husband), Joshua (alias Tinder, son), Jennifer Morgan (stepdaughter)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Shamballah, Skartaris
First Appearance: First Issue Special #8
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (54.5 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn


Tara was the only child of the king of Shamballah, a great city founded many centuries ago by Atlanteans within the other dimensional realm of Skartaris. Tara fell in love with Graemore, the son of her tutor, but her father, disapproving of such a romance for the royal heir, banished Graemore from Shamballah.

Years later, while on a hunting expedition, Tara and the rest of her party were attacked by soldiers from Thera, another Skartarian city. Tara alone escaped. Subsequently, she was attacked by a carnivorous dinosaur, but was rescued by Travis Morgan, and American who had been flying a damaged plane over the Arctic. Parachuting from the plane, Morgan had descended through an interdimensional nexus from Earth's Arctic regions to Skartaris. Morgan and Tara were captured and brought to Thera, where they first encountered their foe, the high priest Deimos. Tara taught Morgan her language, and they escaped from Thera. She also tutored him in swordsmanship.

Morgan became known in Skartaris as the great warrior called the Warlord. He and Tara had many adventures together after their first meeting, and fell in love, eventually becoming husband and wife and having a son, Joshua. Upon her father's death, Tara became queen of Shamballah.

Deimos kidnapped Joshua, and used Atlantean technology to clone the baby and then advance the clone rapidly to adulthood. Morgan was forced to shoot and kill the clone in battle without being aware it was not his true son. Morgan and Tara now believe their son is dead, when actually he was brought up by peasants and is now known as Tinder.

Tara's marriage to Morgan has suffered sever strains due to his frequent absences to go on adventures and his seeming abandonment of his ambition to bring freedom to all Skartaris. For a time Tara again became romantically involved with Graemore, but she remains in love with Morgan and their marriage has always overcome the strains that have beset it.

Recently, the forces of Atlantis conquered Shamballah. Tara escaped, and she and Morgan successfully led forces loyal to them in defeating the New Atlanteans and freeing Shamballah. Tara now sits on the throne of Shamballah once more.

Powers & Weapons

Tara has no superhuman powers but is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, swordswoman, horsewoman and athlete. She has been said to be the most fearless warrior in all of Skartaris. eom

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