Wizard World

From Who's Who #26. Art by Mike Grell.

First Appearance: Wizard World and Mongo Ironhand: Warlord #28, Evil One: Warlord #49


Many thousands of years ago, long before the coming of mankind there, the otherdimensional realm of Skartaris was known as Wizard World. The realm was inhabited by prehistoric animals, such as the giant flightless birds called diatrymas, as well as by elves, trolls, dwarves, centaurs, dragons and goblin-like creatures. Many of the inhabitants of Wizard World had humanoid appearances, but apparently none of them were actually human beings.

This was the Age of the Wizard Kings, dominated by practitioners of magic. The greatest menace of that age was the demonic being called the Evil One, who at one time became the ruler of all the races of Wizard World. The elflord Valamar, the troll king Hafnar and the sentient dragon Gorodan formed an alliance to combat the Evil One. Together they created the Hellfire Sword, a weapon that made its bearer immune to all magic spells while he carried it. the heroic Dragon-Lord Baroth used the Hellfire Sword to kill the Evil One.

Two adventurers in present-day Skartaris, Machiste and Mariah were drawn back in time to a later point in the Age of the Wizard Kings. In Wizard World they met the dwarf wizard Mongo Ironhand, who was thirty-eighth in line for the title of sorcerer supreme. Mongo is an eccentric who has considerable skill at performing small-scale magical feats, but has difficulty in performing large-scale ones. He somehow has knowledge of the Earth of our present day, which enables him to conjure up cigars and martinis for himself.

Accompanying Machiste and Mariah, Mongo went to visit the head wizard Wralf the Wretched, in the hope that Wralf could send the couple back to their own time. Using the Hellfire Sword in the present, Travis Morgan, the Warlord, travelled back to the Age of the Wizard Kings himself, where he encountered his friends Mariah and Machiste. Morgan battled the malevolent Wralf, and the Hellfire Sword, which had been cursed by the Evil One to seek blood, killed Wralf of its own accord. Morgan used the sword to return to his own time, but Machiste and Mariah decided to remain behind.

Wralf's book of evil magic, the Necronomicon, was stolen by the wizard Sarrgon Fire-Eye, who was defeated by Mongo and Mariah. But the book then fell into the possession of the goblin-like Craetor, who read a spell from the book that caused him to become the new physical incarnation of the Evil One, transforming his body. The Evil One proceeded to slaughter most of the more adept wizards of the age (leaving Mongo ninth in line to become head wizard). Morgan and his sorceress daughter Jennifer travelled back in time to Wizard World, and while Jennifer battled the Evil One, Mongo and the Warlord disposed of the Necronomicon, thereby causing the Evil One to leave Craetor's body, which returned to its normal form.

The Warlord and Jennifer returned to their own time, as Machiste and Mariah did later. In the Warlord's own time period the Evil One's spirt took possession of the body of Chakka, the pet of the boy Tinder, who is actually the Warlord's son. The Evil One again battled Travis and Jennifer Morgan, but was killed by Tinder, who used the Hellfire Sword as his weapon. eom

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