The Inner World of Skartaris

First Appearance: First Issue Special #8


Skartaris is an extradimensional world accessible from Earth through a nexus near either Earth's North or South Pole. Originally believed to have been a realm existing inside Earth's hollow core. Skartaris is where Travis Morgan (also known as the Warlord), his sorceress daughter Jennifer and their allies Machiste, Mariah, and Shakira dwell. The land of darkness within each nexus is known as the Terminator.

The fact that Skartaris exists in another dimension helps account for its odd scientific laws. There is constant daylight, and the moon follows a highly erratic orbit. It is not yet known if there are other stars and planets in Skartaris' dimension.

Thousands of years ago, during the Age of the Wizard Kings, Skartaris was inhabited by dwarves (such as the magician Mongo Ironhand), goblins, elves, and other legendary creatures. At that time Skartaris was called Wizard World.

Over the ages, creatures from Earth have found their way to Skartaris. Dinosaurs long extinct on Earth still exist in Skartaris.

A large Atlantean fleet commanded by General Rugero escaped the sinking Atlantis and sailed to Skartaris through the Arctic nexus. They built glorious cities, including Shamballah, and developed highly advanced technology, but atomic war broke out among the city-states, and civilisation came to an end. Today the survivors descendants live as barbarians or in civilisations comparable to those of Earth's medieval times. The Atlantean civlisation continued, however, in the area between Skartaris and Earth called New Atlantis, which was settled by Atlanteans led by Lord Norrad. eom

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