New Atlantis

From Who's Who Update '87 #4. Art by Art Thibert & Jim Valentino.

First Appearance: Warlord Annual #2


New Atlantis was a colony of descendants of inhabitants of ancient Atlantis and was located in the other-dimensional world of Skartaris between the rest of known Skartaris and an inter-dimensional passage to Earth.

The story of New Atlantis begins ages ago, long before Atlantis sank. The Atlantean city of Challa-Bel-Nalla was then ruled by Lord Daamon, an ancestor of Deimos, the archfoe of the present-day warrior Travis Morgan, the Warlord. Daamon formed an alliance with the so-called Red Moon Gods, who were actually aliens from the planet Alces Shirasi, whose starship resembled a red moon. Long before, a supernova destroyed virtually all of this alien race. Only a few starships and their crews survived. One of these starships journeyed to Earth. There the aliens agreed to supply Daamon with advanced technology in exchange for his providing them with subjects for the aliens' genetic experiments. Seeking to keep their own race alive, the aliens genetically altered human beings in the hope of being able to breed with them. In the course of these experiments, the aliens transformed many human subjects into strange, beast-like creatures. The starship and the aliens within were destroyed during a rebellion by these beast-like victims of theirs.

It was the aliens' technology, as well as knowledge provided by Dr. Reno Franklin and other time travellers from the future, that was responsible for the great scientific advances made by Atlantean civilisation.

Much later, at least part of Atlantis fell into decadence. Certain Atlantean sorcerer-kings practised human sacrifice and used the aliens' technology to transform men into beasts as a cruel form of amusement.

Lord Norrad the Younger, one of the Atlantean Knights of the Sea Eagle, who apparently wore the same helmet that the Warlord does today, was saddened by Atlantis' corruption. Norrad and a small group of followers left Atlantis and journeyed to Skartaris, where they founded New Atlantis.

Sometime later, another group of Atlanteans settled elsewhere on Skartaris, but their colonies were destroyed by atomic warfare.

Yet another group of Atlanteans, led by evil sorcerer-prince Ar-Diamphos, escaped the sinking of Atlantis and found New Atlantis. Ar-Diamphos had Norrad killed and made himself ruler. He turned men into beast-men to act as his enforcers, known as Brood Brothers.

The last ruler of New Atlantis was the one-eyed wizard-king Cykroth the Unholy, a descendant of Ar-Diamphos. During Cykroth's reign the armies of New Atlantis, led by their supreme commander, the beast-man Lord Sabertooth, invaded the rest of known Skartaris, conquering even the city of Shamballah. Skartarian forces led by the Warlord and his wife Tara opposed the New Atlanteans.

Finally, the Warlord, protected by a magical aura created by his daughter Jennifer, battled Cykroth himself. To replenish his own powers, Cykroth drained the life essence of his armies into himself, killing them. Nevertheless, the Warlord slew Cykroth, Morgan's ally Machiste beheaded Lord Sabertooth, and thus the conquest of Skartaris was thwarted.

Recently, Jennifer Morgan and Power Girl fought the demon Azmyrkon in the now deserted New Atlantis. eom

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