Warlord v4 #11

Apr 10

The Once and Future Warlord
22 pages

Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Mike Grell
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Colourist: David Curiel
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Katherine Archer, Deimos, Ewan McBane, Jennifer Morgan, Tara, Shakira, Tinder, Alysha Grant, Mariah, Machiste

Deimos lives again, and so does his memory. Kate now has the instrument for her revenge on Morgan for thwarting her and Hawkins’ dream of conquest. She wishes to attack now, but Deimos will have Morgan come to him when he is ready.

McBane is talking with Morgan because he wants to know more. The well-trod ground of Morgan’s arrival in Skartaris, the dream of freedom for all that did not work out, the birth of his son, Joshua being stolen by Deimos, and Morgan being eventually forced to kill his ’son,’ all tell the tale of a man imprisoned by his inability to move past that moment. Morgan’s dreams and purpose died with his son.

McBane brings up the watch that Morgan had when he arrived in Skartaris. The watch that he gave to Tara as a bracelet, and the watch that adorned baby Joshua when he was stolen by Deimos. It has not been seen since. Morgan is done with the interview.

Suddenly blue magicks come bursting from Jennifer’s tower. Rushing up the stairs, Morgan and McBane burst in and find the Magus Prime in the writhing grip of fierce eyeless serpents, Jennifer’s mouth gagged so she cannot intone incantations. Morgan hacks while McBane uses a torch to deter the slimy things. With her mouth uncovered, Jennifer uses her power to destroy the things. They know it was Deimos, sending the first message that he is back in Skartaris, baiting Morgan.

Tara watches Morgan prepare to leave without much enthusiasm. Morgan’s blood is up. He is happy to have his old foe back. Tara says, “Come back to me.” Morgan finally asks why she breaks his nose every time he returns. “Because I love you,” is her incomplete reply. Shakira leaves with Morgan. They are joined by McBane, Mariah and Machiste. Tinder says they’re headed straight into a trap, and Morgan counters that to lead an army you must be willing to lead them straight into Hell. They won’t follow you otherwise.

Presently, they arrive at Castle Deimos, only to find it abandoned. One of Deimos’ victims tell that Deimos left with Kate atop a dragon, headed straight for Shamballah.

In Tara’s kingdom, the dragon is causing havoc for the Queen, Tinder, Alysha and the Shamballans. It is a distraction for Deimos and Kate as they descend under the great city. They find an Atlantean control room and bring ancient beam weapons to life and begin destroying the proud city.

The watch is significant because it was with the real Joshua/Tinder when Ashiya gave him to his adoptive parents in Warlord v1 #21.

There’s a podcast review in MP3 format of this issue from the folks at Comic Book Page. Link is near the bottom of their page. eom

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