Welcome to Mike Grell’s The Warlord, a DC comic book series which ran for 133 issues from 1975 until 1989. The character returned in 1992 for a six-issue mini series, in 2006 for a series which lasted 10 issues, and the current series which ran in 2009/10.

The Warlord is Travis Morgan, a USAF lieutenant colonel who crash landed in Skartaris, a world inside the hollow Earth. He is a modern man injected into a world of sword & sorcery. The character avoids a bad cliché by not becoming Skartaris’ leader and attempting to impose his values on it. Morgan enjoys the role of an adventurer far more than that of a king.

Grell wrote and illustrated the title for its first 52 issues. His then-wife Sharon ghost wrote it from #53 to #71 and he drew the covers while his main focus became books like Starslayer; Jon Sable, Freelance and others. After returning to DC, he wrote the mini series and drew its covers in 1992 and assembled the trade paperback The Savage Empire. He wrote and partially drew the 2009/10 series.

You can still find the original series in the back issue section of your local comic book store. Most issues are modestly priced.

I welcome material from other fans or people who have worked on The Warlord. Credit will always be given. eom

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