Warlord v4 #9

Feb 10

Then… Now…
22 pages

Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Mike Grell
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Colourist: David Curiel
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Shakira, Katherine Archer, Tara, Ewan McBane, Tinder, Alysha Grant, Jennifer Morgan, Deimos

On horseback, Morgan and Shakira have pursued Kate Archer and her brigands into a swamp, the goal to finish what Morgan’s party had started, and failed to do. Shakira says she’ll meet him on the other side. Seeing his approach, Kate abandons her men, and Morgan wades in. Most do not survive his attack and the obligatory Tyrannosaurus Rex gets the last two. Their mission completed, Morgan and Shakira head for Shamballah.

On arrival, they find Ewan McBane still filling the role of videographer. Tara decks him once again, and Morgan still doesn’t know why. Tinder and Alysha are growing closer. She sees Tinder’s great courage and he tells her he grew up on the streets as a thief.

Ewan visits Jennifer, Skartaris’ Magus Prime in her chambers. He is curious about a mirror until she tells him that it’s a portal to Wizard World and that’s nothing but trouble. She tells him why she came to Skartaris, and she knows his curiosity about her is more than journalistic.

Love is indeed in the air as Tinder kisses Alysha and Ewan finds the new lovers lounging naked by a pool some time later. McBane has come to the conclusion that in order to tell the story of Skartaris he must tell the story of the Warlord. Tinder’s face clouds at the disappointment he feels about what Morgan could have been, what he said he would be, and was not. McBane must ask Morgan if he wants to know more.

In their quarters, Morgan and Tara are enjoying intimate moments and speaking about then, now and next and how time does not exist for them. Meanwhile, Shakira sharpens her claws on the bedpost.

McBane interviews Tara in her throne room. He asks her about her lost son, Joshua. It comes up that Morgan leaves… and always comes back. Tara says, “Loss can bind the heart surely as love.” When McBane presses for more details about Joshua, she says Deimos took him and she never saw him again. McBane must ask Morgan if he wants to know more.

Kate has returned to Castle Deimos. Descending into the dead sorcerer’s laboratory, she is talking to a voice only she can hear. She opens the boxes containing the rune-covered skull and the Mask of Life. A green-crystal container reveals the shadowy form of a man inside. Kate shatters the container with her sword. As the liquid washes away, the man slowly gains his feet. Deimos lives again! eom

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