Warlord v4 #5

Oct 09

Saga, Part Five : The Castle
22 pages

Writer: Mike Grell
Penciller: Chad Hardin
Inker: Wayne Faucher
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Colourist: David Curiel
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Shakira, Machiste, Tinder, Alysha Grant, Mariah, Katherine Archer, Ned Hawkins, Ewan McBane

Machiste climbs to a peak to get out of the shadow of the terminator and allow his magical crystal to find a line of sight with Skartaris’ Magus Prime Jennifer Morgan. Killing a pterodactyl that gets a little too close, the king of Kiro raises his green gem and far away Jennifer’s twin crystal glows and shows her and Tara and the Shamballan army the way.

Meanwhile, Morgan and McBane exit the portal in the Himalayas in Tibet. As the two infiltrate the Chinese camp below to steal weapons and explosives, they get to know each other. Morgan reveals he hasn’t aged a day since his arrival in Skartaris and McBane reveals that he had been in Northern Ireland trying to make a difference. Discovered as they sneak back out of the camp, they fight their way back to the cave up the mountainside and return through the portal to Skartaris.

In an Atlantean warehouse under Deimos’ castle, Ned Hawkins marvels at the brilliance of the advanced machinery and weapons he sees. Mariah reminds him that the Atlanteans destroyed themselves with this technology and descended into barbarism. Hawkins is undeterred. Kate cannot see why they’re keeping the Russian woman alive now that she has served her purpose. Hawkins says amusement. A Theran guard enters, saying the Shamballan army has crossed into the shadow lands through Borrgha Pass. In the shadows, Shakira changes to her cat form and dashes off to rejoin her friends.

In yet another nameless tavern, Tinder is once again trying to sway the locals to fight the golden god and his Theran allies. He’s about as successful as he was last issue and he and Alysha leave without a single recruit. Shakira finds them just as an Atlantean airship bursts free of Deimos’ fortress.

Morgan and McBane are returning just as the Shamballan army, led by Tara, Machiste and Jennifer is coming through a narrows in the pass. The airship passes overhead and Hawkins uses his newly-gained knowledge of how to make it work to blast apart one wall of the pass. As Morgan and McBane watch in horror, the Shamballan army is buried under untold tons of rock. eom

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