Warlord v4 #3

Aug 09

Saga, Part Three : Shadowland
22 pages

Writer: Mike Grell
Penciller: Chad Hardin
Inkers: Wayne Faucher, Dan Green, Walden Wong
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Colourist: David Curiel
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Shakira, Machiste, Tinder, Alysha Grant, Mariah, Katherine Archer, Ned Hawkins, Ewan McBane

Morgan, Shakira and Machiste have journeyed into the shadow lands. They find refugees and destruction. The refugees seek the protection of Shamballah and the Warlord. The Warlord, they say, stands for freedom and justice. Morgan, without revealing his identity, wonders if the Warlord stands for anything anymore. The man calls Morgan a fool because everyone is entitled to believe in something. Morgan asks what if he fails to live up to your expectations? The man says he’ll put his faith in his new sword. It is Morgan’s, the one he gave Tinder.

He tells the story how he came to have it. He and his family were working in the fields when the new god’s army launched an attack. Tinder charged in, cutting them off and warning the family to flee on his own horse. Keeping his bow, Tinder passed the sword on to the man. The invaders set fire to the fields and Tinder fights on the edge of a precipice, until an enemy bowman places an arrow in the young man’s chest, and Tinder falls into the water below.

Morgan once again realises he should have listened to the boy. Shakira tries to soothe him, but Morgan resolves to do what he started out to do.

Alysha Grant, clothes in tatters, is running through the jungle. She pauses at a poolside to drink. When she looks up she sees a unicorn and approaches it. Suddenly, the unicorn is savagely killed by a tyrannosaurus-like dinosaur. Alysha is stunned, but not for long as the beast takes after her as well. She begins running once more. A hand reaches out and pulls her around a corner. The creature snaps at nothing but air. It is Tinder, the arrow that fell him still protruding from his chest, and he pulls her along as they both flee the vicious thing. They near a cliff edge and Alysha pulls out a climbing hammer. They jump over and Alysha hooks the hammer onto a lower ledge and grabs Tinder’s arm. The dinosaur barrels over the cliff and falls to its death. Tinder, wounded, passes out, and the pair rest on the ledge.

Meanwhile, in the terminator, Morgan and company reach the edge of the new god’s fortress. They attack the sentries and take their clothing. Boldly, they enter the fortress disguised as the oppressor’s soldiers.

Back with Alysha and Tinder, Tiinder is bandaged up and Alysha is cooking unicorn in the relative safety of a cave. They talk, and Alysha reveals she is responsible for the trouble in Skartaris. She recounts her journey through the portal in Tibet with Dr. Archer, New Hawkins and Ewan McBane.

In the fortress, Mariah is brought before the ‘god,’ Ned Hawkins. He has seized power and is learning the secrets of Atlantean science and magic. Hawkins offers Mariah a chance to share in the power. Enter Kate Archer, dressed as Hawkins’ consort. McBane stands in the background, impassively filming it all. Kate displays contempt for Mariah, but Hawkins needs the Russian doctor to help translating the ancient documents and learning how to operate the machinery. Mariah chastises McBane for standing by as Hawkins and Archer plot destruction.

Hawkins gloats he has a new world to conquer, but Morgan swings in with Shakira and Machiste. McBane comes to life as battle ensues. Hawkins armour contains an energy weapon which he fires point blank at Morgan, sending him flying into a pillar and knocking him out cold. One of Hawkins’ soldiers seemingly cleaves Shakira in two, and Machiste is about to go down fighting when Mariah implores him to surrender. Mariah gives in, saying she’ll give Hawkins whatever he wants.

Morgan is dragged out, and Machiste is led out under guard, while in the shadows a black cat watches from behind a pillar. eom

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