Warlord v4 #10

Mar 10

22 pages

Writer: Mike Grell
Artists: Chad Hardin, Mike Grell
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Colourist: David Curiel
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Katherine Archer, Deimos, Ewan McBane, Mariah, Machiste, Shakira, Tinder

In Castle Deimos, Kate is attempting to awaken the memories inside Skartaris’ dark sorcerer, but at present Deimos is rather… detached. Kate is persistent. She wishes to rule Skartaris at his side.

Meanwhile, McBane is continuing with his documentary on Skartaris, once again framing it with how Morgan came to the inner world. He interviews Mariah Romanova and how she came to Skartaris. She once loved Morgan, but she could not give him what he needs most. McBane must ask Morgan if he wants to know more.

Machiste is up next and he relates his story of how he and Morgan met at gladiator school and eventually led a revolt and escaped. He speaks of how he had been cursed by a magical axe he could not let go of, so Morgan cut off Machiste’s hand to save his friend. Machiste would do the same for Morgan if he could cut out the thing that will eventually destroy him. McBane must ask Morgan if he wants to know more.

McBane does not get far with the enigmatic Shakira. McBane must ask Morgan if he wants to know more.

In a nameless tavern, the villagers who followed Tinder into battle to defeat Hawkins are asking Tinder to be the leader to unite the different kingdoms along the borderlands. They see his commitment to freedom and liberty. Later, Morgan tells Tinder to do it if he wants, but he should be prepared for disappointment. The only real freedom, Morgan says, means being able to go your way when you choose. Leaders do not have that luxury. Tinder says freedom always comes with a price and Morgan becomes angry. Morgan knows the cost better than anyone. In the shadows, McBane watches.

At Castle Deimos, Kate is growing frustrated at Deimos’ clouded mind. What is different? She looks to the rune-covered skull and sees the great scar that Morgan gave him by nearly cleaving his skull in two. Kate springs to action, taking her sword and slashing down the face of Deimos’ new body. Deimos howls in agony, blue eldritch energy crackling. Instinctively, he lashes out, blasting Kate back with a bolt of magic.

“That’s better,” she says with a smile. eom

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