Warlord v1 #24

Aug 79

Song of Ligia
17 pages

Writer/Penciller: Mike Grell
Inker: Vince Colletta
Letterer: Ben Oda
Colourist: Adrienne Roy
Editor: Jack C. Harris
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Ligia, Harrando

Morgan continues his wandering aboard a merchant ship sailing southward along the Kiroan coast. He is the sole passenger on a ship bound for the Kallistan marketplaces. The crew do not approach him, knowing he was once known as the Warlord.

Pirates attack the spice ship and Morgan comes alive, leading the charge as the pirate ship comes aside. He’s doing well until an arrow pierces his chest and he falls overboard. Hugging a piece of broken mast, he drifts, once again alone with his guilt and thoughts of Tara. Delirious, his torment overcomes him, and Morgan lets go of the mast and sinks, ready for the watery death that awaits him.

A strange green woman finds Morgan. She removes the arrow from Morgan’s body. She touches the wound, it disappears from Morgan’s body, appears on her own body and then fades. Her power extends beyond the physical, and she looks into Morgan’s mind, seeing the man’s true pain. She touches it, and takes it away. Morgan awakens, untroubled by his past inside a dreamworld created by her for him.

She introduces herself as Ligia. Morgan must be told his name, but he is unconcerned. They are happy together for a time, Morgan living inside the air bubble dome created by Ligia. She provides for him, but eventually his feelings return and he looks out into the sea beyond unable to name what troubles him.

One day, while she is away, Morgan looks over his weapons and tries to will his memories to return. Ligia bursts through the water dome, being assaulted by the Piscines, savage fish men. Morgan leaps into action, his warrior spirit rekindled. Morgan fights off Ligia’s attackers, but the last seeks to be the one to kill Ligia, hurling a spear at her. Morgan jumps in front of it, taking the full brunt in the chest. Ligia despairs. She meant to protect him, not to make him something he never was.

She kisses him good-bye, and uses the last of her magic to heal him. Her domed world collapses and Morgan comes to on the beach with only a memory of his saviour. Ligia, the green dolphin, remains near the world she once created, remembering the man she loved.

Meanwhile, the thief Harrando has decided to enter Castle Deimos to steal what he can. Unaware of the fortress’ true treasure of Atlantean scientific knowledge, he settles for lifting the silverware. As he leaves, he discovers the mouldering corpse of Deimos in the moat. Stealing Deimos’ ring off his skeleton, Harrando puts it on his own finger, and dies, weird yellow tendrils sliding up from the ground to consume him.

Ligia’s powers mirror those of Gem, a character from the worst Star Trek original series episode “The Empath.” eom

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