Warlord v1 #23

Jul 79

The Children of Ba’al
17 pages

Writer/Penciller: Mike Grell
Inker: Vince Colletta
Letterer: Ben Oda
Colourist: Adrienne Roy
Editor: Jack C. Harris
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Arn

Having left the terminator behind, and now back in the eternal sunlight of Skartaris, Morgan is bathing in a pool in a forest when he hears frolicking and moves downstream towards the sound. He discovers a group of beautiful golden-skinned blonde people playing in the water. A moment later they’re being attacked by green neanderthal types, and Morgan is wading in to defend the golden people. Taking them on single-handed, Morgan kills all the green men while the golden people stand idly by, watching.

Victorious, Morgan drags himself out of the water and gives the golden people a piece of his mind. A lovely woman asks him to still himself. They are grateful and all of Morgan’s questions will be answered. They head for their village, an open and undefended area. Morgan likens them to sheep with no fortifications and no will to fight in their own defence. He asks who they are.

A man named Arn answers they are the children of Ba’al. They are a society of equals. Morgan cannot fathom how they have survived with such high ideals and lack of martial skills in Skartaris. Arn replies that fighting the Orms, the green men, is useless because they are too powerful. Morgan argues with them, saying they must mount a defence, rather than be slowly picked off one by one.

Morgan is led to an underground opening, but none will follow him down save for the woman who brought him to the village. They descend into the underground world of the Orms and soon find the woman’s enemies and begin killing them. Morgan is surprised when the lovely woman hurls a spear into one of the Orms’ backs.

Deep inside the Orm cave system, Morgan and the woman find an ancient machine that acts as their artificial sun. Using stealth, they sneak inside the control centre and Morgan disables the machine with a shot from his pistol. Fighting their way back out, Morgan and the woman head for the surface. As Morgan emerges from the tunnel, a club raps him on the skull and he’s knocked out.

When he awakes, he’s tied to a stake, ready to be sacrificed to the great god Ba’al. Dead Orms are strung up, hanging from tree branches. Arn thanks Morgan for helping them defeat their enemy. A pot of Orm is stewing on the fire. Before Arn can light Morgan’s pyre, the village is invaded by the Orms and all the children of Ba’al are slain.

The Orms free Morgan and tell him that the children of Ba’al had only been a minor threat before Morgan came along. Now, because Morgan was going to teach them how to fight, they had become a real threat and so were wiped out. Morgan, chastened, asks if there is anything he can do to make up for his blunder. The Orm answers stay away or it will be Morgan that ends up in their stew pot. eom

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