Warlord v1 #19

Mar 79

Wolves of the Steppes
17 pages

Writer/Penciller: Mike Grell
Inker: Vince Colletta
Letterer: Ben Oda
Colourist: Adrienne Roy
Editor: Jack C. Harris
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Tara, Shadow, Deimos, Ashiya, Joshua, Patrocious, Torgash, Nikola, Mariah, Machiste

Morgan and Tara still have the flying machines from the starship and have used them to search far and wide for Joshua. Recalling Saaba’s words they remember “that we will find Joshua in a land of half light, half shadow.” Morgan deduces this would be near the polar opening, where Skartaris meets the outer world.

Meanwhile, Deimos and Ashiya are using a large crystal ball to watch Morgan and Tara flying. Young Joshua plays on the floor. While Deimos has been reborn, he must stay in the dark to avoid decaying, and his servant Patrocious, a former toad, must bring him fresh blood to drink. Deimos is enraged at the indignity of his current existence, and he longs for Morgan’s death. He turns his attention again to the crystal ball and sends a violent storm through the mystical device to plague Morgan and Tara.

A lightning bolt disables Tara’s craft and she crash lands, separated from Morgan. She is quickly found by a roving band of horsemen. Torgash claims her as his own, but as soon as he lays a hand on her Tara cuts it off with her sword. Before the others can retaliate, Morgan and Shadow come jumping into the conflict. The battle wages and Morgan and Tara almost fight their way clear when Tara’s downed flyer blows up, knocking the pair out.

They wake up, captives of a brotherhood. They are going to be killed by being lowered into a pit containing two green bears, and Shadow is swung over the pit in a net to illustrate the point. Morgan becomes enraged and breaks his bonds, tackling one of his captors and sending them both into the pit with the green bears. Morgan throws the man into the maw of one of the green bears. Torgash tosses Tara into the pit with Morgan and the green bears. Morgan defends his mate by leaping at one of the green bears, but is taken out by a mighty swipe of its paw.

Now it’s Tara’s turn to defend her mate, but before she can do anything a spear comes hurtling down and takes out the green bear. They have been saved by Machiste and Mariah, who are actually the leaders of the brotherhood, recently returned. The reunion is a happy one, but Deimos is still watching through his crystal ball.

One of the best Grell covers.

So, what about those green bears? eom

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