Warlord v1 #14

Aug/Sep 78

All Men Are Mine
17 pages

Writer/Artist: Mike Grell
Letterer: Todd Klein
Colourist: Adrienne Roy
Editor: Larry Hama
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Machiste, Mariah, Death

Morgan lies near death. The gauntlet he ran to satisfy Stryker's twisted desire for revenge has left him weak from loss of blood, and infection has set in. Mariah is distraught. She can do nothing more for him.

Morgan, lost within himself, thinks he has found Tara at last, but it is another woman who calls him beloved. He does not recognise her, but she tells him they were together when he was a hunter, a soldier and a warrior. She is the end of all pain and suffering and she offers him the peace of eternal sleep. She is Death.

Morgan warns her to stay away, rasing his sword in defence. Death appears hurt by the rejection, saying she offers him only rest and a place in the Hall of Heroes. Morgan will have none of it. Life is precious and he'll be damned before he surrenders willingly. He pierces her heart with a blazingly fast lunge of his swordpoint.

Death stands there unaffected, calling him a fool. A touch of her hand along the sword that impales her body sends icy energy coursing through Morgan. He is thrown away into a pit of nightmare, desperately battling demonic creatures. Though he will lose, he still rejects the hand Death offers him. He will not give up hope.

Hanging by his arms in a dungeon, his body broken, eyes burned out by hot pokers, he still rejects Death. When Death asks why, his only reply is to scream out the name Tara. Death, for all her power, cannot hold onto someone who still loves life. She tells him to go to his pain and suffering. In the end, he will cry for the kiss of Death. Morgan strides off, saying he will always fight for life. Death shrugs it off knowing the battle will be ultimately won be her. In the end, all men belong to Death.

Morgan awakens, much to the relief of Mariah and Machiste. eom

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