Warlord v1 #11

Feb/Mar 78

17 pages

Writer/Artist: Mike Grell
Editor: Larry Hama
Cover: Mike Grell

Travis Morgan, Machiste, Mariah, Tara, Deimos

Morgan, Machiste and Mariah are fending off a triceratops who just won't quit coming, so they opt to hide out in a cave above the creature's reach. Machiste starts a small fire in the dark, cool cave to keep them warm while they wait out the dinosaur's attention span. They don't have long to wait, but Machiste and Mariah are already asleep by the time the triceratops wanders off. Left alone by the fire, Morgan remembers how he came to Skartaris and met Tara, the love of his life.

The reminiscence fires his passion and Morgan vows to continue to search for Tara, no matter what it takes.

Reprints First Issue Special #8 with a new framing sequence. Grell was working on the Superboy/Legion tabloid edition and the conflict in schedules resulted in the reprint.

The framing sequence appears to have been inked by Walt Simonson, but it could be Terry Austin as well. eom

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