DC Blue Ribbon Digest #10

Jun 81

The 100-page digest reprints the Deimos Saga from a number of Warlord's first 21 issues. The story has been restructured to eliminate some of the subplots and extraneous action sequences.

The art has been altered in certain places, and the lettering was not reduced as much as the art in order to make it more legible in the digest format. The result is the lettering takes up more space than it did originally.

Detailed here are the differences between the original issues and the digest.

# - Issue number
pg - Page number
p - Panel number

Page 1/100
On the new wraparound cover by Mike Grell are three separate blurbs:

i. 100 Pages of Amazing Adventure at the Earth's Core!
ii. The Complete Deimos Saga… "Swords Against the Demon Priest!"
iii. He was a stranger in a world of eternal sunlight and eternal savagery – Travis Morgan, a man with a lust for adventure and a passion for freedom! As his fame spreads, so grows the legend of… the Warlord! Now, he battles his deadliest foe in a novel-length adventure of swords vs. sorcery!

Page 2
The inside front cover contains title text, credits and the indicia.

Page 3
The cover art of #29 is the title page.

Page 4
#3, pg1.
p2 and p3 extended to match the length of the other pages. The page originally had an indicia on the bottom of it.

Page 5
#3, pg4.

Page 6
#3, pg5.

Page 7
#3, pg8.

Page 8
#3, pg6.
First caption altered, leaving out "A short time later, a solitary figure roams the windswept battlefield."

Page 9
#3, pg7.
New caption at the bottom of the page. "Now Morgan leads his army toward Thera… to rescue both the city and his beloved Tara from –"

Page 10
#4, pg1.
p1: eliminated.
p2: art extended. Caption changed to read "Deimos… whose very name means terror!"

Page 11
#4, pg4.

Page 12
#4, pg5.

Page 13
#4, pg6.

Page 14
#4, pg7.

Page 15
#4, pg8.

Page 16
#4, pg9.

Page 17
#4, pg10.

Page 18
#4, pg11.

Page 19
#4, pg12.

Page 20
#4, pg13.

Page 21
#4, pg14.

Page 22
#4, pg15.

Page 23
#4, pg16.

Page 24
#4, pg17.
Caption "Epilogue" removed.
p4: Caption ends with: "but behind you…"
p5: New caption "…in a "Scroll of Blood"!"

Page 25

#5, pg1.
On each panel, the top of the art was extended to make up for the indicia lost off the bottom of the page.
p1: Beginning of first caption changed to: "A number of days following the liberation of Thera – and the death of Deimos – the Warlord leads the remnants". Morgan's dialogue changed to add "Machiste!" at the beginning.
p3: Morgan's dialogue altered to read "Too many places for the unexpected to happen!"

Page 26
#5, pg4.

Page 27
#5, pg5.

Page 28
#5, pg6.
Decorative title changed to regular caption "…the Secrets of Skartaris!"

Page 29
#5, pg7.

Page 3
#5, pg8.

Page 31
#5, pg9
p2: Dialogue from pg10, p2 added to Morgan's here.
p3: pg10, p1.

Page 32
p1: pg 14, p1. Dialogue eliminated. New caption "Exploring the caves further – Morgan and Tara come across a curious-looking vehicle…"
p2: pg14, p5. Caption changed to "When Morgan enters the craft…"
p3: pg15, p3.
p4: pg14, p4. Dialogue eliminated. New caption "With a roar, the shuttlecraft careens into the darkness! Time and miles pass uncounted by the unconscious Travis Morgan…"

Page 33
#6, pg1.
p1: Art extended from bottom.
p2: changed to pg4, p4. New caption "It is here that the supersonic shuttle comes to a halt, releasing its dazed passenger…" New dialogue "Uhhhh… my head! Gotta find help!"
p3: Top of panel raised. Caption changed "On the fringe of consciousness, Morgan staggers into the encampment nestled amid ancient Inca ruins – struggling toward a solitary light…"

Page 34
p1: pg4, p2. Top of panel raised. Morgan's dialogue ends with "things are only going to get…"
p2: pg4, p5. Panel narrowed. Dialogue changed to "…worse!"
p3: pg6, p2. Dialogue eliminated. New caption "After a revitalizing rest, Morgan awakens to find himself in the company of an international team of archeologists – investigating the ruins of ancient Mach Picchu!"
p4: pg8, p4. Panel narrowed. Mariah moved from left to right side. Dialogue eliminated.
p5: New captions "When Morgan is shown their latest discovery – a heretofore hidden tomb – he finds its inscriptions akin to a Skartaris dialect… and is able to translate the tomb's curse!" and "However – disregarding the ancient warnings, the scientists blast open the sealed chamber –"
p6: pg9, p4. Right side of panel extended. Captions eliminated.

Page 35
New captions run down left of page. " – Only to unleash a deadly demon from the past!!" "With panther-like speed, Morgan springs at their one chance for survival! He blinds the creature to the rays of the Sun which has given its stone form life – and the thing stiffens… falters… and falls!!" "The excitement over, Morgan's only wish now is to hurry back to Skartaris – and Tara!! Yet, he stops long enough to invite Mariah Romanova along – promising to show her a land which is an archeologist's dream!!"
p1: pg13, p7. Panel cropped from bottom. Figure under Morgan eliminated. Stripes taken off man's shirt on right.
p2 and p3: pg15, p1 and p2. Panels cropped from top. Dialogue and caption removed.
p4: pg15, p5. Dialogue removed.

Page 36
p1: pg16, p2. Panel extended on top. Caption from pg16, p1 added.
p2: pg17, p2. Caption from p16, p1 added.
p3 and p4: pg16, p3 and p4.
p5: pg16, p5. New caption "Stunned – Morgan knows of only one thing he can do…"

Page 37
p1: pg1, p1. Cropped from bottom. Caption replaced with "The two begin a trek to Shamballah where Morgan hopes to find Tara!" Dialogue from pg1, p2 added to Morgan's.
p2: pg6, p5. New caption "It is here that Mariah is properly outfitted for her new lifestyle in savage Skartaris…" Dialogue eliminated.
p3: pg7, p5. New caption "…and armed!" Dialogue shortened to "I designed your blade to be light and supple with added weight in the tip for cutting power!"
p4 and p5: pg7, p6 and p7.

Page 38
#7, pg9.
p1: Panel extended from top. Caption eliminated. Dialogue from p2 added. Original p2 eliminated.
p2: p3. Art extended from both sides.

Page 39
p1: pg10, p1. First part of caption eliminated. Begins with "Wine flows".
p2: pg 11, p4.
p3: pg 11, p5. Cropped from left.
p4 and p5: pg12, p1 and p2. Art extended from bottom of panels.

Page 40
#7, pg13.
Except for p5, which is pg14, p4 with changed dialogue "I have heard enough!"

Page 41
#7, pg15.

Page 42
#7, pg16.

Page 43
#7, pg17.
Except for p4, which appears to have been culled from a source unknown to me, or drawn by the production department. New dialogue "I will have one of my palace guards take that evil thing and throw it into an active volcano – destroying it forever!" "No longer will its evil live to possess another human form!"

Page 44
#10, pg16.
"Epilogue" caption eliminated. Art on p2 and p3 cropped from bottom.
p1: Caption changed to "But – while great evil is banished in one part of the savage land… in another, an even greater evil is unleashed!!"
p3: Dialogue changed to: The Mask of Life! It is the key which will open the Vault of Death and free you!"

Page 45
#10, pg17.
p1: art extended from bottom.

Page 46
#15, pg1.
Top and bottom of page extended to compensate for missing indicia.
p1: Caption has "An uncounted time later –" added to the beginning.

Page 47
p1: pg5, p3. Caption from pg5, p1. Dialogue from pg5, p2.
p2: pg5, p2. Dialogue from pg5, p3.
p3: pg3. Portion of the two-page splash containing Shamballah. New caption "Just then, with a joyous shout, Morgan sights their goal – Shamballah! It gleams in the eternal sunlight like a precious jewel – calling Travis Morgan toward its bright walls with the promise of Tara!!"

Page 48
#15, pg9.

Page 49
#15, pg10.
p1: New caption "At last she stands before him – and she is as beautiful as his heart and memory have painted her!"

Page 50
#15, pg11.
p2: 1st caption eliminated.

Page 51
#15, pg12.

Page 52
#15, pg13.

Page 53
#15, pg14.

Page 54
#15, pg15.

Page 55
#15, pg16.
p2: Dialogue eliminated.

Page 56
#15, pg17.

Page 57
#15, pg18.

Page 58
#15, pg19.

Page 59
#15, pg20.

Page 60
#15, pg21.

Page 61
#15, pg22.

Page 62
#15, pg23.

Page 63
#15, pg24.

Page 64
#15, pg25.
p3: New caption: "He escapes across the rich blue Skartaris sky – the flapping of leathery wings taking him swiftly to his Tower of Fear!!"

Page 65
#19, pg2.
Left half of double page spread.

Page 66
#19, pg4.

Page 67
#19, pg5.

Page 68
p1 and p2: #19, pg6, p1 and p2.
p3: #19, pg6, p3. Dialogue eliminated.
p4: #20, pg4, p1. Top of panel extended. Cropped from right.

Page 69
#20, pg4, p2 to p6.
Art reformatted to make a four panel page. Panel tops extended.

Page 70
#20, pg5.

Page 71
#20, pg6.

Page 72
p1 to p3: pg1, p2 to p4. Caption from pg1, p1 runs across top of page.
p4 and p5: pg7, p1. Caption eliminated.
p5: pg7, p2.

Page 73
#20, pg7, p3.
Lettering repositioned. Top and bottom of panel extended.

Page 74
#20, pg8.

Page 75
#20, pg9.

Page 76
#20, pg10.

Page 77
#20, pg11.

Page 78
#20, pg12.

Page 79
#20, pg13.

Page 80
#20, pg14.

Page 81
#20, pg15.
p1: Dialogue changed to: "The Mask of Life?" "Indeed!"
p2: First balloon changed to "Behold! There rests the power which restored me to life!" Second balloon has "Yet," added to the beginning of it.

Page 82
#20, pg16.

Page 83
#20, pg17.
1: Panel top extended.

Page 84
#21, pg4.

Page 85
#21, pg5.

Page 86
#21, pg6.

Page 87
#21, pg8.

Page 88
#21, pg9.

Page 89
#21, pg10.

Page 90
#21, pg11.

Page 91
#21, pg12.

Page 92
#21, pg13.

Page 93
#21, pg14.

Page 94
#21, pg15.

Page 95
#21, pg16.

Page 96
#21, pg17.
p5: Second caption changed to: "And in time – who knows?!"

Page 97
The cover art for #19.

Page 98
House Ad for #45.

Page 99
Article "The Man Behind Warlord" by Andy Helfer. Accompanied by caricature of Grell from First Issue Special #8. eom

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